Esotericism in the Creative Process of Arthur Russell

"Groundbreaking work" (New York Times)                            - Ben Ratliff, author of Every Song Ever

My writing explores the role of esoteric spirituality and intuitive discipline in the creative process of music, often with a focus on American history and various artistic figures therein. In 2021, Coolgrove Press published Buddhist Bubblegum: Esotericism in the Creative Process of Arthur Russell. My long-form essays have been published in print, via Abraxas Journal, The Open Space Magazine, and FOARM Magazine, and online, via Ear_Wave_Event and Desert Suprematism. I am currently editing the unreleased treatise on intuition, Intuition in the World-Making, by composer Arthur Farwell. And I am preparing the manuscript for The Illusioned Ear, my cultural history book, exploring the role of auditory imagination and esotericism in American music history. 

Essays on José Maceda, Francis Grierson, Edward Maryon, Osip Mandelstam, and more.

A compendium of performance scores and mind maps

ARTHUR FARWELL (1872-1952)
Esoteric overview