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is a conversational audio series exploring intuitive awareness and the spiritual imagination. Through talks with exceptional painters, scientists, composers, chefs, and more, host Matt Marble explores the mysteries of our inner experience. Along the way, we'll be discussing the science of intuition, psychedelic therapy, the magic of eggplant, and more. Scroll down for episodes...


Purchase individual episodes for $2.50 (see, icons below) or purchase a seasonal subscription for $10 here. A total of seven episodes will be released sporadically over the next year. Featured guests include visionary painter and early participant of LSD psychotherapy Dolores Chiappone; cell biologist and intuition researcher Lois Isenman; Igbo artist and researcher, Kelechi Chinwendu; composer, author, astrologer, and child educator, Amber Wolfe Rounds; chef, poet, world-maker Paige Lipari; artist and historian of cultural metaphysics, Michael Carter; and farmer, luthier, and metaphysical philosopher Freeman Vines.

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